See the results in just
60 seconds a day.


See the results in just
60 seconds a day.

Everyone's skin is unique. Explore the benefits that mean most to your own healthier looking, more beautiful skin.

Optimal Cleansing

6X better cleansing than hands alone

optimal cleansing
Want proof that it cleans? I wash off my makeup first with ("name of brand") soap, and the washcloth is dirty. Then I use Clarisonic and the head is gray - clearly the soap and scrub are not getting all the dirt, but Clarisonic is. Quote-right

Stephanie M., Seattle, WA


Significant improvements in just 2 weeks

I'm eighteen and have had severe acne for five years. I have used so many different washes and makeups to clear my skin and nothing worked. About a week ago I finally broke down and bought the Clarisonic Plus and I hate myself for not doing it sooner! I absolutely LOVE it! Quote-right

Brittany, Rowlett, TX


Improves appearance of mature skin

I have used mine everyday for 4 years...I will never stop!! I am 56 years old and was told I have the skin of a 30 year old today!!! love love love! Quote-right


Oily Skin

Deep pore cleansing reduces oily appearance

After the first week of use my skin looks radiant. I receive numerous compliments about how clear my complexion looks. I have large pores and suffer from oily skin. My face looks smooth, clean and clear. This was the best purchase that I have ever made for my skin. Quote-right


Large Pores

Reduced appearance of pores

I have been using the Clarisonic since Christmas and not only has it left my skin with smaller pores, but it has also tightened it! No more facials for me. Quote-right

Sher N., Darien, CT

Sensitive skin

Gentle for daily use without disrupting the skin barrier

sensitive skin
The Sensitive brush head is phenomenal! It's not too harsh and not too soft. It cleanses my face perfectly and leaves my skin glowing with radiance and soft as a rose petal. Quote-right

Laurie, Tampa, FL

Uneven skin tone

Reduction in dry patches and improved skin tone

It's only been about two weeks, but I can already see the changes in my skin tone. My complexion is smooth and healthy looking. The appearance of redness has disappeared and I have less dry spots around my nose. I'm interested to see what the future weeks will bring. Quote-right

JMCLuvkin, Baltimore, MD


90% report more radiant/glowing skin

My complexion has gained a luminosity it didn't have before and the natural colors of my skin are shining. The fine lines and wrinkles on my face have virtually disappeared. I look much younger than my 62 years of age. The Clarisonic made this happen with twice daily use. Quote_right

Sheryl E., Auburn Hills, MI


Infusions create firmer, brighter, more hydrated skin

Step aside diamonds! The Clarisonic is the new "girl's best friend"! Quote-right

Brendaid, New York, NY

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